SMPO’s Bylaws Review Committee has put forth a set of revised bylaws for the organization. Changes to the bylaws include:
  • Add language to 6.1 to include any adult living in the primary residence with a Sands student as eligible to be a member of SMPO.
  • Moving from one teacher representative to one teacher representative per teaching team level.
  • Moving from three teacher liaisons (one for each teaching team level) to one teacher liaison.
  • Moving Assistant Business Manager position from Addendum B to Section 8 of the bylaws to establish it as an officer position with SMPO, including voting rights on business before SMPO.
    • Clarifies language for Assistant Business Manager succession in case of vacancy within the Business Manager role.
  • Move from Executive Secretary duties to Communications Representative duties.
  • Move from Parent At Large to Fundraising Coordinator.
  • Revise 8.3.8 to include fundraising events and community activities, fix errors in numerical order of points.
  • Update responsibilities of Technology Coordinator (8.3.12) to reflect current duties.
  • Revise 9.3 to say “No person, other than volunteer coordinator, shall…”
    • Also fix issues with numerical order in this section.
  • Revise 11.13 to fix errors and make complete sentences.
  • Revise 12.4 and 12.5 to designate duties between Fundraising Coordinator and Vice President.
  • Proofread for corrections in format throughout:
    • Remove errant line or page breaks;
    • Fix spacing issues;
    • Change all references to “general parent meeting” throughout for consistency (sometimes referred to as “general SMPO meeting” and “general SMPO parent meeting”);
    • Remove dashes between words in “Vice President” and other words that should not have hyphens;
    • Fix issues throughout with numbering of points within sections; and
    • Revise table of contents for accuracy in page numbers.
If you have questions, please contact SMPO Bylaws Review Committee members Kelly Crantford, Krystan Krailler, Caitlin LaVine, and Melissa Volck via
Download file here.