Congratulations to all on a successful Read-A-Thon!

A quick recap:
~Students read a combined total of greater than 240,000 minutes! Outstanding!
~We had over 50% participation from students for minutes read, money raised, or both!
~We raised a total of just over $40,000 to be used directly for our students at Sands!


Prizes were awarded last week, including the following grand prize winners:
~Eagle Reader Classrooms: 3-6: Room 1010 Ms. Caitlin, 6-9: Room 1001 Ms. Melissa, 9-12: Room 2013 Ms. Bowden
~Grand Prize iPad Winner: Findlay Sommer
~Top Readers by Grade Level: Preschool – Ben Schaich, Kindergarten – Claire Taylor, 1st grade – James Crutcher, 2nd grade – Mason Schaich, 3rd grade – Amielle Johnson, 4th grade – Jadon Cormack, 5th grade – Eleanor Krailler, 6th grade – Ashlyn Wuerdeman
~Raffle Prize Winners: 3-6: Marble Run – Claire Taylor, 3D Pen – Leena Rolfes; 6-9: Snap Circuits – Tyler Wesley, 3D Pen – Margaret Anne Habig; 9-12: Lego Set – Joash Johnson, 3D Pen – Audrey Gumbert

Congrats to all our winners and to all who made Read-a-thon such a success. We’re already looking forward to next year!