Sick/Absent Student Information

CPS Protocol for sick students:
CPS adjusted some of its testing, isolating, and masking procedures. If cases in the area start to go up again, these procedures will go back to previous processes.

Currently, if anyone in the district has any COVID-19 symptoms, they must get a COVID test. However, while cases remain low, testing is only required if a person has one or more major symptoms or two or more minor symptoms (see below graphic). If a person has only one minor symptom, a COVID test is not required.

If someone chooses NOT to get a COVID test when their symptoms indicate that they need one, they must isolate at home for a minimum of five days. They can return on day six if:
-They see significant symptom improvement
-They do not have a fever without the use of fever reducing medication
-They wear a mask through ten days past the onset of symptoms

Also, any indoor event (graduations, theater, band, etc.) can now operate at 100% of the room’s capacity.
Any questions should be directed to the CPS COVID Hotline at 513-363-0527 or