Read-a-Thon 2023 starts March 3. Sign your student up now!

Calling all Read-a-Thon readers! 

Get excited friends! It’s time for Read-a-Thon! We’re excited to work with 99Pledges again to collect sponsorships. It allows families to easily share their reader’s fundraising page with friends and family. Donors will be able to contribute safely and securely through the fundraising website, 99pledges.

In order to do this, we need some basic information to set up a page for each participant. Click here to register your student(s):

PLEASE NOTE: You will have to fill out a form for each student. After you submit your responses, you’ll be able to go back and submit another form for another student. Please use a parent email address. CPS emails assigned to children filter out all emails from us and 99Pledges!

You’ll receive an email for each student you sign up closer to the start of Read-a-thon. The email will contain information on how to claim your fundraising page for each child, and how to get started collecting pledges from friends and family.

Important dates as we look forward to Read-a-thon:

  • Now – February 23 – sign your reader(s) up for Read-a-thon!
  • Late February – 99Pledges fundraising pages will be set up and an email will go to each parent for their child.
  • March 1 – Family Reading Night with a special performance of Stellaluna by Playhouse in the Park and lots of fun activities!
  • March 3 – March 17 – Read-a-Thon!!

Family Reading Night: Click here for all the details.
We’d love help at this event! Sign up to help Ms. Robyn here.

Aside from helping instill a life-long love of reading for Sands students, here is why the Read-a-thon is so important to our school community. Fundraising by the SMPO, and especially Read-a-thon, fund direct school experiences for our students and teachers. Here are some things that SMPO has funded just this year alone:

  • New equipment and tools for the school such as all new library furniture which the whole Sands community will benefit

  • Direct teacher classroom support, this allows our kids to learn and grow with the tools the teachers need in the classroom

  • Nourishing our Sands teachers and caring for them by bringing meals for conference nights and Professional Development events

  • Funding for in-school enrichment experiences for the kids around fine arts, STEM, and important location based knowledge such as Great Parks, Cincinnati Zoo, and School House Symphony.

  • Funding for out of school enrichment experiences (field trips) for the kids such as Black Violin, and Green Acres. Buses and these experiences are costly and it keeps families from paying full prices out of pocket or not happening at all  (both in and out of school experiences are chosen with teachers’ leadership on what would enhance lessons, childrens’ learning, and encourage community).

  • Community building events such as Donuts with Grown-Ups, a unique experience of families joining kids during school hours

  • Supplementing programs like STEM night

  • Supporting upcoming student council events, school wide events and activities for Sands families.

If you have any Read-a-Thon questions, please contact Read-a-Thon co-chairs Beth DeLay and Brooke Rice at


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February 24, 2023