SMPO General Parent Meeting – Tuesday August 29 6:30PM to 8PM

This first meeting of the year serves an important role as a General Parent Meeting. We will review the budget and every member in attendance can vote. We encourage everyone to attend in person at Sands in the library or via Zoom on Tuesday, August 29 from 6:30-8pm.

If you’re asking yourself why you should come, here are 3 reasons:

1. You get to hear and vote on the budget for the school year. Do you ever wonder what the SMPO spends money on? How do we decide? Stop in and see the process. The new library furniture you’ll see this year? Yes, we purchased that – YOU purchased that! That sand in your preschooler’s shoes from recess? Yep, that is from the nature playscape we collectively created.
2. Sometimes there are treats!
3. We are buiding community and genuinely welcome you. If you’ve never been, come on in and I promise someone will sit next to you with a smile.

What if you can’t be with us in person but still are interested? Put us on your smartphone or laptop on mute while you cook dinner and listen in 🙂  To zoom with us, click here.


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August 18, 2023