Grades K-6 | January 24-May 4 | Gym

Grades K-2: Tuesdays 3:50-4:50pm

Grades 3-6: Wednesdays 3:50-4:50pm

Grades K-2
Sensei Terrel Davis, 7Stardragonskarate.com, continues to offer Karate for novice and advancing students. Our Sands class works! Our students improve at school, in life and community. Experiences include: Ninja Turtle camp (Nunchaku training), foam sword fighting (Sports Chanbara), loudest Kai challenge, fun games, fitness challenge, breaking board challenge, and Special achievement incentive drawings! Join our team and like any dojo, your child will learn the criteria to advance in belt ranks in Shuri – Ryu. In May, we will present a Star performance and Awards Day.
Cost: $145 ($55 with scholarship)

Grades 3-6 (2nd Advanced)
Designed for older students and younger students with experience. Classes continue according to progressive Karate curriculum, performance, and graduation, promotion ceremony. Experiences include: Goal setting, Bo staff training, Nunchaku training, Chanbara (foam sword fighting), Board breaking, Self defense, Forms training, (kata), Sparring (kumite) training, Team STORM (Special Team of Role Models) and fun activities. Core areas of mind, body and spirit are taught as students continue to progress through skill sets and have the opportunity to compete in competition with the 7 Star Dragons national team. Several former Sands students are present Professional Karate Association National Champions. Visit us at 7Stardragonskarate.com.
Cost: $150 ($60 with scholarship)

Black Belt Club (Add-on Class for Grades 1-6): 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of Month – 4:55-5:45pm
This class is perfect for the student dedicated to improving in forms, chanbara, sparring, and weapons performance. This class is developing leaders and members of team STORM. Students will also have the opportunity to compete in competition with our national competition team. Must be signed up for Tuesday or Wednesday class to participate.
Cost: $40

Please make checks payable to Terrell Davis.

Contact: Sensei Terrell Davis at (513) 485-8085 or P. O. Box 37512, Cincinnati, Ohio 45222 or ssd@fuse.net