SMPO Hand Sanitizer Fundraiser: Help kids stay healthy while raising funds for our school! 
While we’ve yet to return to the classroom, SMPO is actively working to raise funds to provide at least $500 in direct classroom support for all of our teachers and communities this school year. One way we hope to accomplish this is through the SMPO Hand Sanitizer Fundraiser!

Through the generous donation of time and materials from Sands students, families, staff and alumni, the following materials are available for purchase:Personal Keychain Hand Sanitizer Holders: $10
Available in seven different patterns, these holders carry 1-2 oz. hand sanitizer bottles and come with two clips to allow your student to easily fix to their backpack and/or mask for safekeeping. Comes with a name tag for easy identification.
Keychain Hand Sanitizer Holder with Matching Mask: $22
Available in seven different patterns, these holders carry 1-2 oz. hand sanitizer bottles and come with a matching mask. Mask backing may vary in design and color.Masks are available in three children’s sizes:
3-6 year old
7-12 year old
Small adult
Mystery Grab Bag: $10
Featuring designs geared toward adults, this keychain holder will keep your hand sanitizer close for when you need it.

Classroom Hand Sanitizer Donations: $40/bottle
We are currently accepting donations for large hand sanitizer pump bottles for each classroom. Specific classroom sponsors will be received on a first-come, first-serve basis; otherwise, we will distribute as necessary. Sponsorship labels will be placed on the bottles. Please email with classroom preference.

Want to help? We’re looking for volunteers to join the committee to help execute tasks associated with this campaign, such as processing orders and distributing donations. If you can help, please email Priya Rolfes at

All materials are available for purchase through the Sands Parents Online Store at Porch pickup will take place at Melissa Volck’s house, 6372 Corbly Road, 45230 (it’s the  red house directly across from Sands). You will be notified when your order is ready. Please allow up to 2 weeks for processing.