Ms. Jill and Ms. Nancy help keep our Sands building running like a well-oiled machine. Important information and updates are posted below.


From the Desk of Ms. Jill and Ms. Nancy

If parents would like to Chaperone a Field Trip or Volunteer in the classroom, you ONLY need the $5 Background Check. Follow the steps below.

  1. Parent goes to the Cincinnati Justice Center to get a $5 background check.
  2. Parent makes an online appointment with the Security Office by following the link here: and then click on: Security Badge Appointments
  3. BEFORE PARENT GOES TO CPS SECURITY OFFICE, parent CALLS SCHOOL to have an Authorization Form faxed to Security.
  4. Parent takes background check to Security Office to have photo taken for badge.

Updated Lunch information

I am sure you have gotten the robo call from CPS regarding Lunch Fees beginning again this year. CPS will be charging $1.75 daily for lunch.  Breakfast is “no charge”.
Parents can go to the School Cafe website to ADD FUNDS and APPLY for ELIGIBILITY for Free/Reduced lunch.  Parents can do this EARLY to get started.  A “paper” application for Free/Reduced will also be available in the school office.

Parents, please go to:

  • Sign in or Create a New Account
  • Click “Make a Payment” to ADD funds to your student account
  • Click “Apply for Benefits” to APPLY for Free/Reduced Lunch
  • Click “Support” then “Frequently Asked Questions” to view a short video for PAYMENTS or ELIGIBILITY

Absences, Tardies, & Early Dismissal reminder

Email teacher FIRST THING in the morning if your student will be absent or tardy so proper attendance is recorded.  Also, email any change in dismissal plans EARLY.
All change in dismissal phone calls need to be to the office BEFORE 1pm so that students are notified in a timely manner.

From the Desk of Ms. Jill and Ms. Nancy

Sick/Absent Student Information

CPS Protocol for sick students:
CPS adjusted some of its testing, isolating, and masking procedures. If cases in the area start to go up again, these procedures will go back to previous processes.

Currently, if anyone in the district has any COVID-19 symptoms, they must get a COVID test. However, while cases remain low, testing is only required if a person has one or more major symptoms or two or more minor symptoms (see below graphic). If a person has only one minor symptom, a COVID test is not required.

If someone chooses NOT to get a COVID test when their symptoms indicate that they need one, they must isolate at home for a minimum of five days. They can return on day six if:
-They see significant symptom improvement
-They do not have a fever without the use of fever reducing medication
-They wear a mask through ten days past the onset of symptoms

Also, any indoor event (graduations, theater, band, etc.) can now operate at 100% of the room’s capacity.
Any questions should be directed to the CPS COVID Hotline at 513-363-0527 or

From the Desk of Jill and Nancy


Dismissal Changes

All dismissal changes must be called in to the office BEFORE 2:00pm!  Any changes after that time cannot be guaranteed.  Calling at 3:35pm is NOT ACCEPTABLE.

Sick/Absent Student Information

CPS Protocol for sick students:
*If ANY student is kept home or sent home from school sick, they must have a NEGATIVE covid test result in order to return to school. THIS IS A CINCINNATI PUBLIC SCHOOLS MANDATE, NOT THE ADMINISTRATION/OFFICE AT SANDS.

If your student returns without a NEGATIVE covid test, your student will be sent directly to the Isolation Room and parents will be called for pick up.*

Test results from Walgreens, CVS, Urgent Care or your Doctor’s office will be accepted. HOME TEST results will not be accepted, unless they are “proctored” as stated in the directions on the test.

Please send questions to  Thank you for your cooperation.

Transportation Changes

Please email teachers FIRST THING in the morning if there are any changes in the way your student is to get home.
Teachers prefer these changes to be sent in an email.
If it is after 10am, call the office and we will make sure changes are called into the room at the end of the day.

End of Day Pick Up Times 

Please be considerate of end of day pick-up times. The office staff works a long day taking care of students and has families of their own that want them home.  Help them get there on time!

The car line ends at 3:55pm and the office staff would like to head home at 4:00pm. Please be considerate and conscientious when it comes to picking up your student(s).

Attention Parent Volunteers!

You must follow these steps to obtain a security badge so you can volunteer in our school building.
1. Go to the Hamilton County Justice Center to obtain a $5 background check or a $50 FBI/BCII check. The CPS Education Center DOES do the $50 FBI/BCII, as well (with an appointment and exact cash).
2. Make an appointment online with CPS Security Office to obtain a volunteer badge:
3. Call the Sands office (363-5000) so they can fax a Security Badge Authorization Form to the CPS Security Office PRIOR to your appointment at the CPS Security Office.
4. Go to the CPS Security Office (2651 Burnet Ave., 45219) at your appointment time to get your badge.

Please send questions to  Thank you for your cooperation.