Diversity Committee

The Diversity Committee was formed in 2004. Its mission has always been to coordinate parent and school resources in order to ensure that diversity is maintained at Sands at a scale that reflects our city. True diversity exists when it is evident in school enrollment, family participation, and parent leadership. The committee seeks to achieve such diversity primarily through three strategies:

  1. Creating opportunities for families to interact across racial and cultural lines in order to foster understanding and appreciation.
  2. Developing educational opportunities that promote the value of diversity.
  3. Advocating for full inclusion of specific population groups that are underrepresented in our school in order to achieve student representation comparable to the demographics of the East Quadrant.

The Committee’s Belief Statement says, “We encourage appropriate activities and events which foster learning about the diversity of our world, because we believe that the mosaic of our differences strengthens our collective life experiences.”

Sands Montessori has a rich tradition of cultural and ethnic diversity. You can help maintain that tradition by joining the Diversity Committee.