2019 Read-a-Thon Information

Dear Sands Families,

SMPO is proud to present the 2019 Sands Montessori Read-a-Thon! This event remains our largest fundraiser of the year and we’ve got a big goal – raising $15,000 through sponsorship pledges collected by students. This event serves a dual purpose of encouraging our little scholars to establish habits that will take them far in the future and raising much-needed funds for Sands Montessori. We need your help to meet this goal!

SMPO uses funds raised each year to directly support our teachers and classrooms, so 100 percent of the money raised will be used at our school to benefit our children. We give teachers, specialists and administration funding for supplies and expenses not covered by the district; a field trip bus for each class; subscriptions for National Geographic for 6–9 students, planners for 9-12 students; and so much more.

Students may start collecting pledges on Friday, January 25. Friends and family can sponsor your child’s reading either as a flat rate or per minute pledge. Reading will officially begin on Friday, February 1. Students have 15 days to read as many minutes as they can. Prizes will be awarded for fundraising efforts, as well as minutes read.

Return your Reading Record Sheet, your Sponsorship Form, and your collected money to school in the provided envelope February 19–February 23. Checks should be made out to “SMPO.” Please hold all money until all pledges are collected. Send in one envelope per child.

Happy reading!

Krystan Krailler, Priya Rolfes & Kelly Crantford

Sands Montessori Read-a-Thon Co-Chairs

 For questions or more information, please contact us at .

How it Works

January 25–January 31: Gather sponsors using your Sponsorship Form

February 5: Family Reading Night Kick Off Event

February 1–February 15: Read-a-thon! Log reading minutes into your Reading Record Sheet

February 18–February 25: Return your Reading Record Sheet, your Sponsorship Form, and all collected money to school in the provided envelope. Hold until all money has been collected; 1 envelop per student.

Read-a-Thon Rules

  • Use the Sponsorship Form to track your sponsors and how much they plan to donate
  • Start recording your reading minutes on February 1
  • The Reading Record Sheet should be used to track the minutes you read or are read to both at school and at home each day
  • Parents must sign the Reading Record Sheet to confirm that their child read their logged minutes. This will help to assure fairness.
  • No guessing minutes. Please look at a clock or use a timer to count your minutes.


Reading at home.

Reading on the bus.

Being read to by a parent, teacher, or friend.

Reading at school (up to 30 minutes per day).

Using audiobooks if you need to.

Reading on the bus.

Reading to a pet.

Reading with a silly hat on your head.

Reading before bed.

Reading after bedtime, under the covers, with a flashlight. (If your parents say it is ok!)



Reading before February 1.

Reading after February 15.

Reading when you are supposed to be doing your math work.

Working on regular classroom assignments.

Every student who turns in a reading log and sponsorship form will receive a prize!

Race For Pledges

The first two students in each class to let us know they’ve collected at least seven pledges, will win the Race for Pledges award: special Maker Space time with Ms. Robyn in the Media Center. Students can still continue to collect pledges after showing us they’ve collected at least 7 sponsors.

To enter, simply email  and submit your child’s list of 7 sponsors. You can type a list or snap a picture and send to us! Be sure to also let us know your child’s name and classroom number when you submit.

Individual Prizes

The more pledges you collect, the more prizes you earn! Prizes are cumulative; be sure to collect sponsors to ensure you receive ALL these great prizes.

Participation: Pencil and Bookmark.

$10: Ice Cream Coupon, sponsored by Mt. Washington Creamy Whip.

$25: Pass for a Free Book in Ms. Robyn’s Book Bin.

$50: ​$5 in Scholastic Bucks to be redeemed at the spring Book Fair for a book, up to $5 value.

$100: $10 Amazon Gift Card.

Eagle Reader Classroom

The classroom with the highest total minutes read will win possession of the Eagle Reader trophy for the year. Ms. Karen Huneke’s class won last year; can your class take it this year?! The winning classroom will also receive a $100 Scholastic Books credit to outfit the classroom with brand new books!

Grand Prize

The student with the most minutes read from each grade level will be invited for a limousine ride and lunch with Principal Sarah Lord in March!