Sands Suzuki Program

Is your child interested in learning how to play the violin, viola or flute? Then sign up for the Sands Suzuki Program.

A lesson during the school day will be scheduled for you and your child (check with your class teacher concerning the best pull-out time for your child). A group class will also be offered as part of the program fee. The group class is a chance for the students to gather in a larger group setting to practice and rehearse their songs within a supportive, nurturing environment.

Please fill out the “Interest Survey Form” your child receives at the beginning of the school year and place in the Suzuki mailbox, located in the school office, or have your child hand in the form to his/her class teacher. Filling out information completely will be helpful for the Suzuki teachers and will result in a quicker response for your family.

Learn More at the Suzuki Collaborative of CPS (SCCPS) Web Site