”Niko joined the Sands Montessori community at age 4. He is a current 5th grader and 6th grade math student. It was evident to his 3-6 community teacher that he was demonstrating signs of giftedness in Math. Though in CPS, gifted assessment is not officially administered until 2nd grade, he was referred to the gifted intervention specialist and began receiving services in Kindergarten. Despite his eligibility to attend CPS’s Spencer Center for Gifted and Exceptional Students beginning in 3rd grade, we found that the Sands’ community was able to meet his needs within the Montessori environment. Niko continues to stay challenged and supported. Our family has a strong commitment to Montessori learning and the focus on the whole child. Not only are Niko’s gifted needs being met, he is also learning skills in leadership, collaboration, organization and empathy. We’re very grateful to be a part of such a wonderful community.”

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