Soren, Mayer, Marley, & Orion Crutcher

”The Crutcher clan at Sands has become a notable size.  We often are asked ‘which Cutcher are you?’  – We are the Crutcher, Inc. clan of Mayer, Marley, Orion and Soren (now at Spencer Education Center).  Mayer and Marley have been at Sands since their 2nd year of Preschool.  Transferring from Hawaii, they wasted no time spreading the Sands Community love with their contagious energetic personalities.  Mayer and Marley are moving on to 7th grade next year, leaving the Sands community and starting new adventures.  Mayer, generally quiet and observant, has been a kind empath through the years and always enjoys being in a leadership role welcoming the younger sets of kids into the classrooms each year.  Marley’s strong, charming personality brightens the room – he knows how to put a smile on anyone’s face.  They wasted no time passing these strong community characteristics, ethics and morals to their little brother Orion (currently in the 1008 kindergarten community).  They don’t lack in the reckless energy department but they are quick to take accountability and lead back to a positive direction (thank you peace corner).  Sands continues to instill these values in our boys – even Soren, now thriving at Spencer Education Center.  Thank you Sands for giving our four such a great foundation for learning.
The boys enjoy spending most of their time outdoors.  We bike, hike, and enjoy snow sports as a family.  The tenacity and drive they display is inspiring.”

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