”Hi, we are the Linsers. All 7 of our children have attended or will attend Sands Montessori. Adelaide and Greta are at Walnut Hills now. Simon is in 5th grade, Harry is in 4th grade, and Josie is in kindergarten. Charlie and Frankie will join them at Sands in the next couple of years.

Sands prepared our older girls for Walnut in ways we could have only dreamed of. They are excelling in high level academic classes, they communicate independently with their instructors and they manage rigorous course loads and extra curricular schedules because of the skills they learned at Sands.

Simon will be skipping 6th grade to join his sisters at Walnut next year. We believe that Sands has made him uniquely prepared for this step. Sands has allowed him to grow to his academic potential while remaining in class with his same age peers.

Aside from academic achievements, the Montessori curriculum at Sands has helped instill kindness, empathy, and a sense of responsibility to community in our children. Whether in the classroom, extra-curriculars, or in athletics, being part of a diverse community like the one at Sands has prepared our children for life beyond the classroom.”

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