Sands Extracurricular Program (SEP) Scholarship Information

Ms. Sharon McCreary was a beloved teacher and principal of Sands Montessori before her retirement in 2005. It was her vision that no child should be denied enrichment experiences based on ability to pay. The SMPO is proud to offer scholarship money in her honor, and in service to her vision, for eligible students enrolled in the SEP.

To be eligible, a student must have a financial need, demonstrate compliance with the student code of conduct, attend classes regularly, and submit 2-3 paragraphs explaining why they would like to participate in the activity or class they are signing up for. Families are required to complete the following application (please assist younger children). The scholarship is available for Sands students enrolled in before-school and after-school classes in session at Sands during the school year. Scholarship forms must be turned in and co-payments made by stated deadlines. Incomplete or inadequate forms will be returned with no enrollment.

Scholarships awarded will cover 60% of the cost of the SEP class for which the child is enrolled; the student’s family is responsible for the remaining 40%. This amount is indicated in parentheses in the class descriptions. Payment is due at the time of enrollment; checks should be made payable to the SEP instructor. Failure to pay the co-payment amount may cancel the scholarship award.

A student may receive only one scholarship per session (maximum of two scholarships per school year).

Additional costs for any class, such as special clothing, equipment, costumes, etc, are the responsibility of the student’s family. Please check the course description and/or check with the SEP instructor early in the session to determine if any additional costs are associated with the desired SEP class.

Scholarship recipient families are required to submit the application on this page before the start of the applicable term.