Sands Extracurricular Program (SEP)

Winter and Spring 2024 Options

Registration begins January 8!  Classes begin as early as January 22.


Supported by Sands Montessori Parent Organization (SMPO), the Sands Extracurricular Program (SEP) places an emphasis on unique learning opportunities, Montessori principles, language, culture, and critical thinking. Current after-school offerings include:


Acting Class- Galaxy Defenders with Cincinnati Playhouse This is space command calling all intergalactic rangers! We need your help keeping the universe safe–and a little bit weird.  Create courageous characters and work as a team while exploring new dimensions, battling aliens, and learning more about our galaxy! 1-3 Wednesdays 1/24-3/13
Acting Class-Gameland with Cincinnati Playhouse Gather your friends in the living room for a board game adventure like none other. Using your body and voice as inspiration, we’ll work together to explore games like Candyland and Shoots & Ladders while supporting each other to all be winners! K Thursdays 1/25-3/14
Acting Class- Sports Zone with Cincinnati Playhouse When it comes to having fun and working hard, there is never an off-season! Pass, shoot, and score together as we use acting and imagination skills to come together and win the ultimate prize! 1-3 Wednesdays 4/3-5/8
Acting Class- Toy Factory  with Cincinnati Playhouse Fluffy toys, hi-tech toys, all your favorite toys: where did they come from? Join a team of the best toymakers in the world as we explore how we can bring to life the next must-have toy. With acting and teamwork skills at your disposal, what will you come up with!? K Thursdays 4/4-5/9
After School Circus with My Nose Turns Red Let your child run away and join the circus – without leaving Sands! Circus is a great combination of Physical Fitness, Creativity, Team Building Performance. Fun and challenging Circus Skills include Stilt Walking, German Wheel (looks like a human size hamster wheel), physical comedy, jump rope, and more. My Nose Turns Red has over 40 years experience as performers and arts educators. Class concludes with an informal performance for friends and family. K-6 Mondays 1/22 – 5/13
Book Club with Mrs. Johnson If your learner enjoys reading and doing crafts that accompany our books. Please join our book club! 1-3 Tuesdays 1/23-3/12
Cooking Club with Ms. Karen (Winter Session) Students will have the opportunity to learn how to read a recipe and prepare 2-3 items each class. Students will work together in small groups to prepare the dish and at the end enjoy the items we have made. 1-6 Tuesdays or Wednesdays 1/23-2/28
Cooking Club with Ms. Karen (Spring Session 1) Students will have the opportunity to learn how to read a recipe and prepare 2-3 items each class. Students will work together in small groups to prepare the dish and at the end enjoy the items we have made. 1-6 Tuesdays or Wednesdays 3/5-4/17
Cooking  Club with Ms. Karen (Spring Session 2) Students will have the opportunity to learn how to read a recipe and prepare 2-3 items each class. Students will work together in small groups to prepare the dish and at the end enjoy the items we have made. 1-6 Tuesdays or Wednesdays 4/23-5/22
Guitar Lessons with Marilyn Krebs Group guitar lessons for beginning students. Learn to play melody and chords in a fun, group setting. One guitar is available to borrow during the duration of the class! 5-6 Tuesdays 1/23-5/14
Guitar Lessons with Marilyn Krebs Group guitar lessons for intermediate students. Must have had one term of guitar lessons previously. 5-6 Wednesdays 1/24-5/15
Karate with Sensei Terrell Davis Sands Dojo offers a fun and supportive environment for your child to grow in fitness, character, academic success and martial arts skills progressing through belt levels and awarded at Special Awards Day in April. 1-3 Tuesdays 1/23-4/24
4-6 Wednesdays 1/24-4/23
Lego Engineering Squad with the STEM Lab The after school Lego club you’ve been asking for is here! This multi-session club is for the Lego kid that knows the basics of how to build but needs help in designing with technic pieces. Students will learn about forces, motion, simple machines, and how to incorporate hydraulics. Students will learn new techniques and build unique moving structures that resemble different sports. 2-6 Tuesdays 1/23-2/20
Lego Robotics Club with Code Ninjas Using the Lego Spike robotics kits, your child will learn the fundamentals of how to design, build, and code robots. They will also apply their knowledge of sensors, motors, and coding as they construct their own creations. 1-6 Fridays 1/26-5/17
Piano and Voice Lessons Private 30-minute lessons offered to students between 7:20 am and 8:50 am K-6 Tuesdays-


Pokémon Club with

Ms. Brooke

Weekly meeting playing Pokemon TCG with an opportunity to trade, battle and practice sportsmanship in a non-athletic setting. All levels of play welcome! 1-6 Wednesdays and/or Thursdays 1/14-4/25
QSA Performance Training- Speed and Agility QSA Performance Training is designed to improve quickness, speed and agility in order for participants to perform at their best ability during their sport or just everyday activities.  This program can be applied to ALL sports/athletes and even kids that don’t currently play a specific sport. Kids will participate in plyometrics, core strength, coordination, speed and agility. Each participant will be taught proper technique in order to be able to control their body in ‘time and space’. A lot of kids are never taught the proper technique and running form. Coaching proper mechanics and technique through repetition, QSA training works to provide correct muscle memory for when they are put in an uncontrolled environment (games/training/play), which will also help to prevent injury.  Every participant can plan to have a lot of fun while staying active!! 1-6 Friday 2/2-3/7
Slime Time- Chemical Engineering with the STEM Lab Have fun playing with all types of slime and then discover properties of matter and use Science tools to make your own bouncy balls 4-6 Tuesdays 2/27-3/19
Ukulele Group Lessons Students will develop and hone rhythmic and note reading skills while learning a mixture of classic and modern pop songs. Antonio Violins donated 15 Ukuleles for students to borrow during the duration of the class! No need to have your own. 3-6 Mondays 1/22-5/16
World of Spanish- Preschool Learn simple Spanish vocabulary in a fun and visual way using songs, games, hands-on activities and playtime.

12:05 pm to 1 pm

Preschool Thursdays


1/25- 4/25
World of Spanish- Beginners &

Intermediate Low

Students will be introduced to basic Spanish vocabulary through games, songs, crafts, hands-on activities, etc. Our secret to getting kids to absorb a second language is to disguise learning time as playtime. Our approach isn’t about memorization; instead we bring children to a space where culture and language interact. Cultural activities include a Cinco de Mayo celebration featuring traditional games and piñatas!   Students will be divided based on age and level. K-4 Thursdays 1/25- 4/25
Yoga & Mindfulness Club Join the fun with Yoga & Mindfulness Club as we engage in fun yoga poses, cultivate a deeper connection with ourselves, make new friends and manage stress outside the classroom, while enhancing creative thinking, mindfulness, self-esteem & conscious leadership.


This Children’s Yoga class enhances creativity, self-confidence and engages each child in fun movements, following story sequences while combining animal yoga poses, singing songs, dancing, and practicing mindfulness and mindfulness craft projects. The class ends with a short relaxation to bring calmness

K-3 Thursdays 1/25-5/16
3-6 Fridays 2/2-5/17


Enrollment Info

NEW! You may now view class offerings, enroll, and pay online at our Homeroom site by clicking HERE. Classes appear here when providers make them available. Not all may be visible at this time.

Class sizes are limited. Spots are filled first come, first served, as completed enrollment materials (including payment) are received. Please submit an enrollment form for each enrolling child. All classes are subject to sufficient enrollment. You will be notified and your payment returned if a class must be canceled.

Student Safety and Supervision

Students are expected to maintain the level of respectful and safe behavior that is present throughout the school day. If there is a failure to follow proper procedures, instructors reserve the right to expel a student from the program.

Classes begin when noted. For these classes, students will be dismissed directly to their SEP classroom and Instructors are responsible for children until a parent picks them up. SEP classes are considered a change in dismissal. You must inform your child’s Sands classroom teacher of the specific SEP class dates prior to the first class. Please also inform the Instructor directly if your child will be absent from an SEP class for any reason. Thank you for your cooperation in keeping our children safe and supervised!

For the safety of the children, all doors to the school will be locked. The instructor will walk their participants to the front door (unless otherwise designated) where the parent or guardian will sign out the child(ren). Please be respectful of the Instructor’s time and pick your child up promptly at the end of class. Class dismissal times vary, as do specific term dates, so be sure to check for exact times. There will be a late fee at the discretion of the provider.


Ms. Sharon McCreary was a beloved teacher and principal of Sands Montessori before her retirement in 2005. It was her vision that no child should be denied enrichment experiences based on ability to pay. The SMPO is proud to offer scholarship money in her honor, and in service to her vision, for eligible students enrolled in the SEP. Learn more here.